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The author is the grandson of Cecil Albert Newnham (b. 2 Sep. 1900, London) who was the son of Albert James Newnham (b. 1881).

Albert James Newnham was a numismatist and amateur archivist who carried out a large amount of genealogical research (from 1919 to 1968) on not only his own genealogy but also of the many other Newnhams of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

The best way examine the data held on this site is via the Full index.

A site wide search can also be made using the search facility, see top left of page.

Some of his original manuscripts are in the Archive.

The author has transcribed most of the records into GEDCOM format using Family Historian genealogy software and is available on this site (show example) in the following forms:

Ancestor Index

Gives access to the details of ancestors as recorded by Albert James Newnham.  (Approximately one hundred entries of which fifty-two are Newnhams.)

Paternal Tree

Direct line of accent of the author's grandfather (eight generations).

Family Tree

Family tree showing all those ancestors whose details are available on this site.

All the data on this site can be searched using "Search" in the top left of the site.

Note:  All details of individuals born after 1900 have been removed from data available on this site.

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