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Home is a site for the exchange of genealogical information pertaining to the Newnham surname.  The site provides genealogical information regarding the author's ilk, resources and a discussion forum.


This site contains some of the author's ancestry (mainly from Portsmouth and Isle of Wight) going back to 1757 which was gathered by the author's great grand father over many years (1919 - 1968).  Visit the archive to see some of his original documents.  It is hoped that this information will prove useful to those interested in the Newnham surname (show example).

Please feel free to ask questions, start discussions and generally use the forum as you see fit.

The site is keen to create a directory of links to other Newnham pedigrees/family histories so feel free to submit suitable links and they can be included in the resources.  If you have a web site then feel free to link to

For information/questions about this site then please contact us.  If you have a site please feel free to link to and if you know a Newnham or any one who may find this site of interest let them know with tell a friend.

The best way examine the data held on this site is via the full index.

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The site is currently undergoing intensive development so be sure to re-visit or register with the forum and you will be notified of major updates when they happen.

Use the site map to get an overview of what's available on this site.

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Search Added - This site is now searchable using the search widget at the top left. All ancestry data can be searched hence making it easier to find specific ancestors.

Also see Site information - history

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The second to the fifth previous generations of the author's ancestors.

Picture of Cecil Albert Newnham taken 1918 Picture of Albert James Joseph Newnham 35yrs. Picture of James Joseph Newnham 20yrs. Picture of Joseph Newnham b.1831 80yrs.

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